Distributed Ledger of X

DLOX is a blockchain network and infrastructure for digital objects.

The DLOX network doesn't have an internal crypto currency, isn't built on a token or ICO and relies on other networks for integrated payments. DLOX isn't subject to the same scale and purpose issues as other distributed networks.

DLOX originated in the Deckbound technology stack and is launching alongside the Lunar Mines space / trading / mining / exploration game. This website will be updated over time with a specification, a wallet, explorer and API.

Assertion / namespace / service model

DLOX uses a transactional model for the blockchain, similar to that established by Bitcoin. Statements (transactions) allow users to group specific assertions, much like a Bitcoin transaction groups inputs and outputs. Statements are signed with private keys using an integrated secondary verification key system.

Digital objects are created in namespaces, can be extended by other namespaces and are managed by their owners. Namespaced data writes allow multiple parties to collaborate on an object in a trustless environment.

Bitbind v2

DLOX is primarily a dedicated network for Bitbind statements. Bitbind v2 provides an assertion set for incepting, describing, transferring and extending blockchain-native digital objects.

Bitbind was originally designed to work with transactional networks such as Bitcoin. The original Bitbind specification can be found at bitbind.io.

The Bitbind v2 specification will be published along with the DLOX network specification.

DLOX network features

In addition to providing a suitable blockchain host for Bitbind assertions, DLOX also provides key signing and wallet structures, point-in-time and future assertion functionality and integration with other networks (see bridging below).

Although the core Bitbind v2 protocol could be implemented in another network, the functionality of DLOX is specifically oriented toward its real-world use.

DLOX / Ethereum Bridge

The DLOX Ethereum bridge is a mechanism by which Ethereum smart contracts can integrate DLOX object transfers and writes. DLOX can be configured to watch for specific events on an Ethereum network to trigger pre-signed object transfers, somewhat like cross-chain transactions.

DLOX specifically does not provide a means of payment. Ethereum currently provides the most convenient form of integrated and "smart" payments. In applications such as Lunar Mines, users are expected to use Ethereum for making and receiving payments and DLOX for storage and use of their digital objects.


Are DLOX / Bitbind objects NFTs?

Bitbind objects on the DLOX network aren't tokens at all. Bitbind was originally conceived (~2014) as a mechanism to create blockchain-native objects and as such has similar roots to smart-contract-derived tokens.

What is the status of the DLOX network?

The DLOX network is currently in development.

Why isn't there a DLOX ICO or token?

DLOX was specifically designed to free digital objects from the speculative economic risk introduced by an underlying ICO, token or currency model.